Friday, 12 December 2008

And then there's the Caylee Anthony story

If you're not bummed about the economy, how about this story?

The detectives now have a skull, maybe other bones, and possibly more evidence to connnect Casey Anthony to her daughter's disappearance (or death?) last summer in Orlando, Fla.

If you haven't been following this story, it's one of the saddest I can recall since the Scott Peterson (A man who killed his own wife pregnant with his unborn child!) conviction.

Today, though, I doubt the poor enonomy can trump this current story that may involve the death of a toddler by the hands of her own mother. It's just too hard to believe. Greed, I get. Taking the life of your own baby, I do not.

I've know a lot of people are criticizing the grandparents for trying to protect their daughter, but I can't help but think about what they've been going through these past six months or so. It's just too much. This is an obstacle I'm pretty sure even my BIKE, won't help. This requires help far beyond anything any one person or thing here on earth can offer.

So I ask you to say a prayer for this family, for this community, and for anyone and everyone who has ever been affected by the horrific death of a loved one, especially a child.

Let today be a day of prayer and concern for those who face challenges beyond that which we can imagine and which seem impossible to overcome.

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